Thursday, October 14, 2010

Comic: Fight or Run

In class we each made up a few characters and had to fight them or "run" them.  Floater and Linear were two of mine.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Comic: Anecdote

As described here:

An anecdote presents a remarkable event experienced by the narrator (as witness or participant) and a reaction (usually the narrator's) to the event. In contrast to the recount, the anecdote's purpose is to convey the extraordinariness of the event, minimally through the reaction.

Comic: Simple Narrative

As described here:

The narrative should have each of the four obligatory stages in standard order: Situation, Complication, Resolution, and Denouement. You should also fill each of the following standard participant roles: Agent, Patient, Complicator, and facilitating Prop. As discussed: the Agent and Patient roles can be filled, as they usually are, by the same character or group of characters, affected by the disruption in the Complication stage and responding to it in the Resolution stage.

Diary Comic

A comic of some highlights from Sept 17 to Sept 28, 2010.

(Please excuse me if you were misquoted to better fit the comic format)