Sunday, April 22, 2012

September - March (My attempt at grad school)

Grad school...

Lots of writing.
Lots of reading.
Lots of grading.
Short deadlines.
No time for...
More of everything.
I've been in school for too long.

In short, I'm taking a leave of absence until next spring.
I guess I should have seen this coming

A bit more from Puerto Rico

You can figure out how the rest of the trip went from the pictures.

I'll try to rotate the sideways ones later...
(hey I actually did it)

So Here's What Happened

Here's the post I had intended to make the day following the last Puerto Rico Post.

I slept on the couch last night. Typically there are two or three ants that wander up there and I can simply remove them. But last night my bed was covered in ants. They were on the comforter, on the sheets, under the pillow, on the baseboard. =/
Yesterday we went to a botanical garden. It was nice, though a bit wrecked up from the hurricane.

See those trees? That's Bamboo. I've never seen it that big.

 Afterward we went back to Old San Juan. We hung out in one of the plazas for a while.
I was sitting on that bench until the people behind me started throwing down bird seed.


I went into a shop and this guy was under the counter.

We wandered around a bit looking for food and found a park that was named after the number of pigeons it has.
Pigeon holes.

There were several of these cast shoes in this park.

We eventually found a place to eat by the park. And it wasn't a fast food chain! It had traditional Puerto Rican food (And there were a few vegetarian options). I had stuffed green plantains in some kind of tomato ginger sauce (I think that's what the sauce was). It was really good. After, we went to the mall and wandered for a bit. They still had a Borders. We got a few cheap books. I was kind of sad to see the place go.

Spent a while in there.

Hanging glass bulbs in the mall.

Animal Count: 5 lizards, 13 dogs, 5 horses, 1 (field of) cows And cats go missing again