Monday, November 1, 2010

Shiny Things

These are paintings by Janet Fish.  I love the subject matter and the final product, but there's something strange to me about the construction. I haven't seen any of these in person, but I saw her paintings a few summers ago in DC Moore.  For the most part she doesn't blend her colors on the canvas.  There are trails of solid colors snaking through the canvas.  The precision is amazing but I feel like it'd be a constant struggle with the paint to lay anything down that way.

Contrast that with George Nick: Up close sections of these painting look like indistinguishable blobs.  The paint is thick on the canvas and there are several colors in a brush stroke.  This doesn't feel like such a fight with the paint.

This is a recent painting of mine (My submission for the water show). I've never painted as tightly as Fish, but for this one I loosened up more towards Nick (Though I doubt my surface is a quarter the thickness of his).

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