Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Come on Irene...

I was awoken this morning around 4:15 by a rooster. That's new. Fortunately I went to sleep at 8 last night and I was just about ready to get up anyway. I'm at my Grandpa's house in Puerto Rico. It's nice. It's not too big, but still pretty spacious; high ceilings; large second floor patio; banana, papaya, and mango trees in the backyard (though the mango tree lacks fruit); and the best thing about it: It's on a hill. This is very important, as the island was just hit by a hurricane and it's been raining for a week.
San Juan

The trip from the airport in San Juan to my Grandpa's place in Camuy normally takes about an hour and a half, I believe it took us four. Which I suppose isn't so bad considering the traffic we saw. The main route across the island was backed up for miles, so we followed smaller roads. Many of which were flooded, winding, or really, really narrow (and the people drive aggressively). After making it halfway there on the smaller roads we reached a river and had to return to the main road, which was clear that far down.

I didn't manage to get a picture of the river we drove next to for some time, but there was a forest growing in it. I did manage to get pictures of the island as we were landing. I also made some rapid sketches of it. I saw two flashes of lightning between the clouds as we were flying over the island. It made me a bit nervous but I figured it can't be helped and I don't get many chances to draw aerial views.

Also, there's no internet here. So I expect to be back in NJ before anyone reads this.

Animal count: 3 lizards, 2 cats, 5 dogs, 4 horses
(I'm not counting the cows 'cuz there were a lot of them and they were fenced in, unlike the 3 horses hitched to a house and the one horse grazing by the side of the road. Also I'm not counting the roosters until I see them)

Edit: BK has WiFi here! 

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