Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The First Day of Spring (i.e. The Frozen Waste)

The "Cold, Wet & Dreary" semester doesn't have quite the same charm as "Spring". That's probably why they call it the spring semester (plus "winter" is already taken and winter 2.0 would be tacky).

Despite spending half the day walking through slush and icy puddles in shoes which are more and more beginning to resemble slippers things went rather well. Some back story: I did poorly in one of my classes this past summer.  The class is only offered in the summer.  So to make it up would require me to stay for one more summer session.  That's not going to happen.  The instructor from the summer is teaching another class this semester and the instructor and my dean said it'd be ok if I used that class to make up my grade.  Initially  that class was full but it opened up today and I registered. So all's well there.  Getting into that class allowed me to drop another, which opened up my schedule for a class I wanted to take.  I can now go to the early section on Thursdays. I would have had to drop the class otherwise because I have a club obligation Thursday night and the class is really only serving as an ego boost.

The second half of the day was spent with gloves, an extra coat, and BOOTS!  And it ended with juggle dinner, when only a few hours before I thought I'd be eating alone.
I'll have some original art up tomorrow, I swear!
 For now enjoy the fruits of Google


RavenQ42 said...

Sorry to hear that a class didn't go so well last summer, but I'm glad a replacement was made available :)

Out of curiosity, what class was your ego booster? :)

Also, I'm glad you guys keep up the tradition of juggle dinner. I know they always cheered up my days, regardless of how they went. :D

Good luck this semester :)

Steven said...

Advanced General Physics is the ego booster. I'm using it basically as a final review before graduating to see if I actually know any physics after all these years.