Sunday, January 30, 2011

Moving Along

I finished a painting today!  This will soon become less of an event and more of a ritual.  Based on my thesis plans I will have ten weeks to do about twenty paintings.  I expect ten of them to be on the small side; so it's not actually too bad, but that still means two paintings a week.  Also, I'm still messing with the mock up I made for my hanging arrangement. I expect the small paintings to break up the pages and lead the viewers eye from one "page" to the next.  This will be partly affected by the color scheme (which itself should create a composition in each page) of the paintings which make up the "pages" .  It somewhat difficult to know plan the overall composition when I don't know what the paintings that make up the panels will look like yet.
The Green is what I think will be landscape and the gold is still life

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Zine for Hanneline said...

Hi Steve,
I thought that your crit the other day went well. I was impressed to see your newest painting-- it seems that your pushing towards a sort of heightened realism. I was surprised to see your landscapes! Since you have been working so much with still-life and metallic surfaces, I would not have expected you to explore other subject matter for light and perspective. I am glad you did. Many of the people preparing for the thesis exhibition have not been able to multitask and try new things because they are succumbing to stress! Your confidence and willingness to still explore new styles is inspiring.