Wednesday, January 12, 2011

...The Little Things (continued)

Well that last post was a bit rushed. Which is in part due to this website:
Neat Silky Pictures.

Also while I was cleaning my brushes today I had a great idea for my thesis project. A professor of mine, Paul Bruner, told me once not to make pictures with two focal points.  Having two points creates one line, one choice.  Your eye must move from point A to point B.  The event of looking becomes a dizzying headache (At this point I'm extrapolating 'cuz I don't remember exactly how he said everything.).  When comparing two things one will be compelled to contrast them against each other.  However, with three things similarities between two will emerge in contrast with differences with the third.  There are now three lines to be drawn between points A, B, and C.  And from any point one may choose to travel in one of two directions, not one of one.  This freedom is necessary for balance and interest.  In any case this thought has made me decided to add a third wall (page) to my thesis plans.  What exactly that wall is, I will not say yet.


Fox Bubbles said...

I hope this doesn't count as today's post. :) Also, I wanna know your idea!

Steven said...

Sorry =P

RavenQ42 said...

I spent a good hour playing around with that link you posted the night before my last Anatomy Midterm xD
It was a nice break :D Thanks!

^^Only important one ;)