Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stuff To Do and Stuff To Be Done...

I need to write more. I go through cycles of having a lot of things to write and not wanting a giant post with everything I'm thinking about, and having no idea what to say. So what I'm going to do. Is remove the choice from the matter. For the next month I'm going to write a post a day.  I'll be writing about various things I've been meaning to for a while (teaching, painting ideas, maybe I'll draw some comics) and if I run out of ideas I might just keep clicking this for ideas.

I want to draw this comic.


RavenQ42 said...

I clicked the link and it took me to a list of Electric Violinists...I think it knows... *it knows* <_<

(Didn't know there existed such a wiki button of magical distraction, thanks xD)

Also glad to hear you'll be doing daily posts! This means I can back into the habit of OCD checking your blog and not seem like a crazy person :D (for that particular reason)

RavenQ42 said...

I don't have a real comment right now, but I clicked to see who had written a comment (I forgot that I had lol....) but I decided to write this 2nd comment because the "Word Verification" that google requires me to write to make sure I'm not a spambot is "holyedit" and that made me feel the need to write something xD.

I guess I can poke fun at you here for the lack of updates this month (despite this post) since Tuesday the 18th xP.

I think if you post something awesome when you do catch up, I think the internet will forgive you ;)

And, because a mutual friend of ours linked me to this, I'll share this as well: